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Air-Lift Spray is an EFFECTIVE fresh breath mouth spray made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Parsley Oil and other Mediterranean oils. It acts instantly to rescue bad breath and lasts for hours to eliminate foul gas, volatile sulphur compound. Bad breath can be due to food (esp. the hot and spicy Malaysian food), coffee, poor digestion, smoking, alcohol, poor oral hygiene and even some diseases eg. oral infections, kidney/liver failure, esophageal reflux, indigestion etc.

(Read more at The Causes of Halitosis / Bad Breath)

Air-Lift Spray 15ml

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  • Causes of halitosis or bad breath vary, involve many factors eg. diet, smoking, alcohol, underlying disease, oral hygiene etc. It causes psychological and social distress to the sufferers and people who are close to them. Like it or not, at some point in time many of us can also release oral foul gas due to food, stress, sleeping late, dry mouth, high alcohol intake, smoking or mild indigestion. However for persistant bad breath sufferers, the reasons may not be so simple. It can be due to poor oral hyegiene, gum and other oral diseases, esophageal reflux, gut disorders eg. H. pylori infection, oral cancer, diabetes, kidney and liver failure.