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Xerostom Toothpaste with Saliactive (ie. Olive oil, Betaine and Xylitol) is a unique toothpaste specially formulated for dry mouth. It contains no alcohol, SLS, Triclosan and any harsh ingredient. It is designed to PROTECT enamel & dentine from demineralisation, erosion and fight caries. Xerostom toothpaste is carefully developed with Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Allantoin, Fluoride, Calsium and Potassium by oral specialists  to RELIEF and protect your teeth and gum. It  safe for children 6 years and above. Long term use, you will see the vast IMPROVEMENT in your oral health. Oral caring is like lifestyle changing. Using right oral care products is like eating right to stay healthy. Restore your oral health today and get the protection it deserved. Suitable for diabetics and vegetarians. The special flavour is mild lemon taste with no acidic, no peppermint or menthol contents, you will love it!

Xerostom Toothpaste 50ml

SKU: XTP 01-01
RM42.00 Regular Price
RM35.70Sale Price
  • Xerostom Range with Saliactive ie. Olive oil, Betaine and Xylitol is a specially formulated products for DRY MOUTH. It contains 100% NO alcohol, sugar, detergent (SLS), chlorhexidine or any harsh ingredient. Through thorough research and studies, every ingredient added are delicately care and provide healing to DRY MOUTH and oral inflammation (eg. mucositis, sore throat, mouth ulcers, oral diseases, gum problems). It is also endorsed by many renown oral specialists and physicians for its excellent ingredients and effectiveness experienced by the patients. All of the ingredients (eg. Saliactive, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Allantoin, Fluoride, Calcium and Potassium) are carefully developed to provide COMPREHENSIVE CARE to treat DRY MOUTH. It works to RELIEVE pain and inflammation, RECOVER natural oral defence, NEUTRALISE the acidic pH of the dry mouth and PROTECT gum and teeth against erosions and demineralisation. Furthermore, with its EXCELLENT SAFETY profile, it is SAFE to be used daily for long term to keep mouth cleaned, moistured and protected from infections. Suitable for diabetics and vegetarians. The special flavour is mild lemon taste with NO acidic content and methol, you will love it!

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