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Welcome to TRINGO

We are committed to supplying you with oral healthcare products of excellent quality.

The healthcare supplier, specialised in oral care.

We believe that it takes love and care to be in the healthcare business. It is the passion to share and care that driving us ahead.


Who We Are?

We are....More than a healthcare supplier


What happen if we lose our saliva?


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Be Sure, Be Safe

Be sure of the personal protective products you use. Are they really protecting you?


New: Brite-T Remineralizing Tooth Powder

Brighten and Remineralize your teeth at the same time. Only a few times brushing, you will see noticeable results especially the stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes, food (eg. curry, spices, tumeric) and plaques. Brite-T Tooth Powder is fine and gentle, made to care for your oral beauty & health!

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Never ignore if you have DRY MOUTH.


The Special Needs need Special Care


Xerostom & Sano Care
Oral Hygiene Tools

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